Discover what systems & structure can do for your business

You are a powerhouse

I see you. You started your business and have grown this idea to six-figures. You’ve done it ALL without the SOP’s, project management or workflows. Up until recently that’s worked just fine for you. However, you are now realizing that you are stuck! Small tasks are being forgotten or the goal you are working towards is starting to seem like it’s too big to tackle. You’ve reached a crossroads.  

Dubsado VIP Days

This is exactly what you’ve been looking for in business. 

Conquer months of overwhelm in ONE. DAY. 

Online Business Management

Workflows, Automation & everything in-between. With my OBM services, I become your wing-woman in business. 

Podcast Management Services

From launching, to editing, to guest management, I help you with every step of creating and maintaining a podcast. 

Hi there, I’m Shannon!

Let me guess...

You have known for some time now that you need an extra hand. Important tasks are being forgotten and you are constantly feeling like your business runs you, not the other way around. 

I’m so glad you are here. I practice a hands-on approach with my clients as I set up systems, procedures & automations to make their business run smoother than ever.