Let me introduce myself...

Hi! My name is Shannon Kuehl  and I am a 20-something multi-passionate entrepreneur with an obsession for oat-milk lattes. Shocker, right?

I currently live in Iowa with my partner and our two cats, Wesley & Nova. 

I started my business in January of 2021 when I realized that working in an office just wasn’t for me. I wanted something more. I wanted control of my own life. Thus, Shannon’s Virtual Life was born. 

I specialize in OBM & Podcast Management Services and I have worked with several 7-figure business owners. 

I am the “easy-going” OBM.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I get sh*t done and fast. I just make sure that I’m having fun while doing it.

My values are fun+flexibility I like to keep it light-hearted and I’m always willing to jump on a crazy new idea and get it implemented 

4+ Years IT Experience

Bachelor of Arts-History

1 Year in Business