How to Start a Podcast in 4 Phases

So you want to start a podcast?  I’ve helped people just life you, launch and grow their podcasts using this exact framework you’re about to read.  Because I know you like simplicity, I’ve created The Podcast Launch Checklist which you can grab here. This is the COMPLETE roadmap from your first idea to hitting publish. The guide includes everything […]

How to Get More Podcast Listeners

So you want more podcast listeners?  You clicked on this blog for one of two reasons:  1. You aren’t seeing the downloads you were hoping for when you started your podcast and you want more listeners.  2. You want to start a podcast but have no idea how to get anyone to listen Well do […]

You Need to Consider Podcasting As A Strong Marketing Tool

When you developed your first marketing strategy, podcasting probably was on the bottom of the list – if at all. While podcasting is not an end-all be-all for the perfect marketing strategy it can be a powerful  marketing tool to connect and educate your target audience.  Benefits of Podcasting as a Marketing Tool The main benefit […]

Stop Looking for “Unicorns” – How to Hire the Right Person

So you want to hire a unicorn to do everything? I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but going in hiring, expecting one person to do everything is not going to get you what you want.  First things first, realize that you cannot hire one person to do everything. I mean, you […]

3 Hidden Features In Dubsado You Need to Know About

Okay so maybe these Dubsado features aren’t totally hidden, but they are definitely harder to find and INCREDIBLY useful.  Today I want to show you:  1. How to redirect leads after they’ve filled out your lead capture form 2. How to get paid BEFORE people can schedule with you 3. How to customize your client […]

OBM Vs VA: Which Is Right For Your Business?

Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant | Who is the right fit for your business? So, you’re looking to hire some help for your online business and now you’re stuck on the question of “What do I actually need?” Many business owners begin their hiring process wanting a unicorn of a person to come in […]

Welcome: A Deep Dive into Shannon’s Virtual Life

Oh goodness where do I even start? Welcome to the Blog!  This is a loooong-time in the making. I’ve had the idea for this blog bouncing around in my head for some time now. So let’s just get into it…  My Business Origin Story Alexa play “I Want To Talk About Me” by Toby Keith […]