Ready to level-up your business in ONE DAY?

Does this sound like you?


You have WAY too many software subscriptions. 


You are sending emails back and forth to confirm an appointment and often finding yourself double booked


You are forgetting to follow up with clients, send payment reminders and are sick of doing everything manually

You didn't become a CEO to be stuck in your admin tasks

I'm Shannon

Your Certified Dubsado Specialist 

Having been a Virtual Assistant myself, I have used Dubsado since Day 1 in my business.

A HUGE part of building a successful online business is having systems that work for you. 

Coming from a career in IT, I knew I loved a challenge. So, I took a deep-dive into CRM’s, learning everything there is to know about this powerful system.

Dubsado is like having my own assistant for $40/month instead of $40/hour

This tool has helped me put my business leaps and bounds above the rest. With Dubsado,  I am able to onboard my clients without even opening up my laptop. 

I have ease of mind that my clients are getting high-level experience that is unmatched.

I want to share that with you! 

That $27 checklist or that $197 DIY course isn't going to help.

You'll be left with questions, overwhelm and missed steps

How can Dubsado simplify your business?

Automates your business. Use templated forms, emails, contracts and workflows to streamline and create a consistent client experience.

Keep all your clients organized in one place. Gone are the days of digging through Google Drive and Gmail to see if that contract got signed.

Speed up your onboarding process. No more sending emails back and forth negotiating terms of your service. One link and your client can select their package, sign their contract and pay their first invoice.

Are You Ready To Streamline? Automate? Get Your Sh*t Together?

So How Does It Work?



Prior to your VIP Day

Once you have booked your VIP Day, you will have access to your client portal and all of your pre-work forms. These forms allow your day to go super smooth.  


Kick-Off Call

Morning of your VIP Day

We will start your day on a 1-2 hour call together. Together, we will go over your current process and workflows and clarify any questions that came up during your pre-work.  




While you sit back and relax, I get to work implementing everything we have discussed and mapped out. By the end of the day you will have branded assets and workflows ready inside your Dubsado account. We will wrap up the day with a closing call to go over everything.  

Each VIP Day starts with a free 15 minute consultation call. This allows me to get to know your business and make sure that my VIP Day Experience is the best fit for you. 

Here’s Your Reality Check:

You didn’t get into business to deal with confusing tech, late nights or being chained to your desk 24/7.


$1500 USD

*Dubsado subscription not included

What's Included

Workflow Mapping Call 

Outline your process from inquiry to offboarding

Form Design

Custom forms to match your brand

Canned Emails 

Personal and warm emails that sound like YOU

Offboarding Call 

A tour of your new system and a great time to ask questions!

Client Portal 

A “One-Stop-Shop” for your clients. Allow your clients to access all their important documents and projects in one place

30 Days of Support

Full Email + Loom support for any questions that come up after your day.

Workflow Creation 

Automation Baby! If you are nervous about automation the “approval” button will be your new best friend.

Appointment Scheduler

Setup of the Dubsado Scheduler.

Integrated with your calendar. 

No more double booking 

Library of Loom Videos

A full folder of Loom Videos showing you the ins and outs of your new system.