How to Get More Podcast Listeners

So you want more podcast listeners? 

You clicked on this blog for one of two reasons: 

1. You aren’t seeing the downloads you were hoping for when you started your podcast and you want more listeners. 

2. You want to start a podcast but have no idea how to get anyone to listen

Well do not worry. In this post, I’m going to walk you through 5 different ways to bring in more listeners to your podcast 

Make a Trailer

A podcast trailer is a small snippet that is pinned at the top of your podcast feed. Many podcasts use their first episode as their trailer and this is great, especially at first. 

I personally love to see a smaller snippet of about 30 seconds – 1 minute. Let your creativity run wild here. What would grab your ideal listener into listening to the rest of your show after only 30 seconds? 

Are you talking about your show? Is it a montage of your best moments? Take some time to sit on this one as it  can really help out your show’s credibility in the long run. 

A trailer gives somebody new to your feed a chance to see what you are all about without a large time commitment. It is a great tool for those looking to build their listener base. 

Use your current audience to bring in more podcast listeners

If you’ve had a podcast for awhile you can use your current audience to bring in new listeners. The best and most effective marketing tool is word of mouth. 

Be sure to remind your listeners to share your show with their friends and on their socials and to TAG YOU. This way you’ll be able to track who is sharing your show and interact with them on a personal level. This will help you develop a deep sense of community between you and your listeners. 

When they share you show to their socials, shout them out and thank them for the share. People love to be recognized and thanked. 


Create Multi-Part Episodes

Multi-part Episodes are a great tool to get more listeners to come back to your show. Find a topic you want to explain in-depth and split the show in two parts. Invite listeners back for part two and let them know when they can expect the next episode. 

Use Social Media to Get More Podcast Listeners

This one seems obvious but, you’d be surprised how many podcasters aren’t sharing their show on their socials. Podcasts are great for repurposing content. Create audiograms, pull quotes and talk about your show to start positioning yourself as an authority. 

Use the following you already have, even if it’s just your friends and family. Ask them to share your show. 

Invite Guests & Be a Guest

Guesting and having guests (in my opinion) is the best way to get exposure to your podcast. Invite guests to your show who are leaders in your niche, that will bring in new listeners. Be sure to pick appropriate guests and do your research. If you’d like more tip check out this post on my Instagram. 

You can also reach out to other shows and pitch yourself as a guest for them. This will get your name in front of their audience and allow you to plug your show while talking about a topic that the host finds interesting about you. 

At the end of the day there are a million and one ways to get listeners to your podcast. You just have to find what feels good for you. Remember, building a listening base can take time. Stay consistent and they will come. 

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