Welcome: A Deep Dive into Shannon’s Virtual Life

Oh goodness where do I even start?

Welcome to the Blog! 

This is a loooong-time in the making. I’ve had the idea for this blog bouncing around in my head for some time now. So let’s just get into it… 

My Business Origin Story

Alexa play “I Want To Talk About Me” by Toby Keith

Hi I’m Shannon (if you haven’t gathered that already). I, like, many people my age got this bright idea to start a Virtual Assistant business from TikTok. At the time, I was only 7 months into my first job after graduating college (midst pandemic), suffering from severe depression and major anxiety. The job wasn’t all that bad but ,the thought of spending the majority of my life in a non-profit office with industrial carpet, florescent lighting and that stale smell of everyone’s lunch sent me spiralling. I thought that my life was meant for more than…that. 

Something to note: My top 3 values are freedom, fun and flexibility and I’ll tell you, that job was the opposite of all three of those.

So, when I saw these other people, who are my age, in my situation, and successfully working online, I knew I had to give it a shot. It started off innocently. I remember coming home and telling my partner all about this Virtual Assistant thing that’s “definitely not an MLM” and “I’m just going to try it and see what happens, I won’t quit my job I promise”

…3 months later I came home for lunch and proclaimed, “I JUST QUIT MY JOB” and although he was skeptical, he was excited for me. To be fair, most people in my life were and continue to be skeptical but, if you know anything about me, once I make my mind up about something there is little you can do to stop me. 

Well here we are. A year and a half later in full-time business. I was not 100% ready. But I believe that the best parts of life are on the other side of drastic leaps of faith. My God it has been such a harrowing and also rewarding journey so far. I’ve gotten to try all sorts of offers, meet leaders in a variety of industries and learn more about myself than I would’ve ever expected. 

Some Facts About Me

What’s an About Me without any fun facts??

Firstly, I’m a huge nerd. Ask anyone. I spend most of my free time gaming, indulging in D&D content and hanging out with my cats. Some of my favorite games are Dead By Daylight and Destiny 2. 

You would know by my work, but I love tech. I’m always watching the latest showcases and anticipating the next generation releases. Although corporate IT wasn’t my thing, I am grateful for all the neat tips and tricks I learned while I was there. 

I’m a huge History and Political Science nerd. I’ll talk your ear off about current events and what impact I think they’ll make in the greater scheme of post-modern history. You can’t blame me though, I studied it for 4 years and have a piece of $60,000 paper to prove it.


What to Expect from this Blog

Moving forward I promise there will be a lot less talk about me and way more talk about your business. I intend to provide you with tons of value on how to systemize and streamline your operations. You can expect content related to Dubsado, Technology, Software Solutions, and Automation. I’m sure there will be a few random topics sprinkled in here and there as my interests expand. 

If you read through this entire post, thank you. I really appreciate you and I hope I didn’t ramble too much. I promise I plan on having more organized thoughts moving forward. 

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