You Need to Consider Podcasting As A Strong Marketing Tool

When you developed your first marketing strategy, podcasting probably was on the bottom of the list – if at all. While podcasting is not an end-all be-all for the perfect marketing strategy it can be a powerful  marketing tool to connect and educate your target audience. 

Benefits of Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

The main benefit of having a podcast is that, unlike other forms of content marketing, it does not require your listener’s full attention. Someone can throw your episode on while they clean their house, drive to work, or walk their dog. 


Because your listeners don’t need to dedicate any extra time to listen, they can enjoy your show when it is convenient for them. 


Podcasting allows you to tell your story anywhere, at any time. 

Showcase Your Expertise

Because podcasting is long-form content you are able to showcase your topics in more depth than you would on a short social media post. 

By being able to supply consistent high-quality content, you will be able to cultivate an active and engaged audience. 

You will also position yourself as an authority in your industry and establish credibility. No matter what topic you decide to focus on, by bringing industry leaders and experts to speak with you, you’re showing the audience that you are their go-to resource for accurate information and helpful insight. 

Cultivating Community

Last, but most importantly, your podcast will foster an engaged community interested in YOU. 

Let’s be real, the people who will listen to you talk for 20min to an hour every week are invested. By inviting them to interact with you on your social media, you will start to see return. Old followers will feel much more connected to you. Meanwhile, new faces will be excited to interact with you beyond their speakers and airpods. 

Remember, your podcast can be a two-way conversation. It gives you the chance to talk about your business, life and goals in an authentic way that doesn’t sound like an advertisement.

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Shannon Kuehl

Shannon Kuehl

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